TV Debates: Cameron, Brown and Thingy. Who Eats Who?

We Neanderthals have a way with politics and politicians. Generally we think they need a good stewing in the heat of public debate, if not in a bit of Garlic and onions, with marrow from the bones of long dead Mammoths hmmmm.

We don't think that simply trying to get them to dazzle each other with the shiny glints off their ultra white teeth is really going to cut the mustard. How about some hard options like addressing their policies to a bunch redundant steel workers from Redcar. I am sure they would love to hear why globalisation is such a wonderful idea.

Simply getting them to trading their latest spin is going to be boring. Why not spice it up a bit, say, each one gets a given a baseball bat, then we could bet on the winner, and eat the losers . Hey! Perhaps that means we get to eat all three! Hmmmm.

It is nice to see that the SNP are likely to sue. I like the SNP. Although they stiff us English soooo regularly they are, after all, almost Nethanderals themselves (and I mean that in the nicest possible way).

How about seeing UKIP, English Democrats, Plaid Cymru, Greens, even the bloody BNP having a fair crack of the whip too.

Simply divvying up the airtime between the staid old boring out-of-date self important berks who have no ideas, and no hope is really just too depressing to contemplate.

Some say, that if you are going to eat Homo Sapiens, especially of the political class, they are best boiled with lentils. Personally I prefer them char-grilled. Perhaps the lads from Redcar could lend us one of their mothballed furnaces.

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