Car Scrappage: Insult to Neanderthals

Oh! How Green! The Environmentally Friendliness of it! The Massive Support for British Industry!

I think not.

I take my ten year old car to the crusher. The government generously donate 2000 quid of taxpayers money to the local car dealer. He lops off about 1000 quid from the inflated asking price before giving me the keys to my nice new shiny Hyundai, Fiat or Skoda.

This old Neanderthal has to scratch his head at this point. (No, it is not lice or nits). First of all the majority of the cars on offer are built abroad. They directly compete with British built cars ( even then, these British built cars are all made by foreign owned manufacturers ) so, how does that help British industry?

The Neanderthal grey matter gets even further stressed when it comes to the environmental friendliness of this.

After all 50% of the energy consumed by a car in a 10 year period is used in its manufacture. It seems rather ludicrous that crushing a ten year old car and replacing it by a shiny new one somehow reduces energy consumption.

Why not get the ten year old car re-furbished. i.e. REBUILD IT.

Donate the 2000 quid to the rebuilders. (aka more jobs: less waste: less pollution: less dole: more employement in Engineering: More tax revenue. Ugh!) Convert it to LPG! Keep it on the road for another ten years. That in itself saves 25% of the total energy bill per car in one hit. Simply by not paying the manufacturing energy bill twice.

But alas, Neanderthals are a simple folk. Of course using the car scrappage money for saving cars rather than destroying them is a non-starter to our Posh, Powerful and Extremely Well Fed elite. They would not be able to display this palty £2000 figleaf of support for an industry they have singularly destroyed over the last 30 years. It would also mean that money would actually go to those nasty people who get their hands all oiley and mucky and create wealth for the rest of us.

Meanwhile BilloThe Wisp will continue to drive his 11 year old car with pride. After all, he is sure in the knowledge that his vehicle is considerably more environmentally friendly than a new ugly Korean tin box available from the local dealer.

He also takes it as a personal insult to have the Posh, Powerful and Extremely Well Fed suggest that he should crush a perfectly good car simply to appease some Mung Bean eating Nazi twits who know bugger-all about energy use or conservation anyway.

Finally A brief Neanderthal tirade on the term "British"

Thougout this post I have used the term "British". This is a term used for those who live in Britain. Britain is a grouping of real countries along with the non country of "England"

It is easy to tell which are the real countries because they have their own Parliaments or Assemblies. Of course the non country of England has no representation for the English in any form of Assembly.

One day, regrettably, it may end up that even the fair-minded English in the non country of England feel so ignored and despised by the Great, Mighty and Extremely Well Fed that they are lured towards Ugly forms of politics.

The Great, Mighty and Extemely Well Fed may well then ponder on the fact that this is what invariably happens when a peoples identity is air-brushed out and they are denied fair representation.


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