The End for Borders Books

What a shame. Today we went to Borders Bookstore in Bournemouth as they close down. I believe they went into administration a couple of weeks ago and now there is the usual fire-sale with massive reductions on whats left. While we came away with some really great bargains it makes me sad to see the passing of such a nice bookshop.

There was something particularly friendly and cosy about Borders. I have spent many hours in there, just browsing through the book and CD's as well as regularly buying some gem  of a book or recording that has been just sitting there, waiting for me to turn up. The staff were always helpful, friendly and also really very knowlegable about some quite esoteric areas of my personal music and literary tastes.

I dare say it is hardly going to be a great christmas for the now redundant staff. If any of them read this, I wish you well and hope you get yourself a new job soon. Thanks for all the help and friendly advice you have provided over the years.

I wonder what will replace what was, a big feature shop in Bournemouth. I'll miss browsing the books and having a coffee in the friendly atmosphere.

Goodbye Borders and farewell to all your staff..

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