A Christmas Apology to Thingy
( Nick Clegg )

He may lead an out of date, irrelevent political party with no hope and no policies. But even so, I really should not have been so rude as to refer to the leader of the Liberal Democrats as Thingy in this post. But honestly, at the time, I simply could not remember his name. I have however been scratching through the Neanderthal grey matter (of which there is not a great deal) and finally, through much miming and mouthing of possibilities (Cligg Cleeg Clogg Clergg Clugg) I finally got to Clegg. Eureka!!

Now for the easy part:- his first name

and Of Course!

Its Brian.

Ah No. Unfortunately I have just been informed that thats wrong too. Perhaps Brian may well have been a better choice for his parents but I am now reliably informed by my colleagues that his first name is Nick.

I assume that is Nicolas rather than Nicola or Nicole, but then, his parents didn't call him Brian (which was clearly the best choice) so they may well have gone completely off track. After all the Liberals are a rather sexless lack-lustre group of no-hopers so all bets are off.

Perhaps I will simply call him Nick Clegg.

So, finally,

An Apology

Dear Nick Clegg,

Please accept my apologies for calling you Thingy in this post

But perhaps you should stop trying to be all things to all men. If you spent a bit of time addressing the needs and aspirations of the English in their non country of England you may become more memorable. You could also keep your power base in the Outer Hebrides or Outer Mongolia or wherever it is. We wouldn't mind.

Kind Regards

Finally a seasonal little poem to get us through the yule-tide roo-ha-ha. Aknowlegment to Jethro Tull (aka Iain Anderson) and also whoever wrote the original bit. (No. it wasn't Nick Clegg)

Once In Royal Davids City,
Stood a lowly cattle shed,
Where a mother laid her baby,
You would do well to remember,
What he later said.

As you are stuffing yourself at Christmas
You would do well to think,
That the Christmas spirit,
Is not just what you drink.

Anyway, it went something like that.

Merry Christmas

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