2012 and The End Of The World

Just to get us in the mood: A song from the Sixties:

The Eve Of Destruction

The Eastern World, It is Exploding,
Violence flaring, bullets loading,
You're old enough to kill,but not for voting,
You don't believe in war so whats that gun you're toting,
And even the Jordan river has bodies floating.
And you don't believe -
we're on the eve of Destruction?

So sang Mr Barry McGuire in 1965.

But we are still here.

One of my many old paper-backs is a blockbuster from the early 1970's titled "The Doomsday Book" by Gordon Rattray-Taylor.

The fly leaf reads:

If you thought you were going to survive the next 30 years then think again!

From Wikipediea I see that the lights went out for Mr Rattray-Taylor in 1983. No doubt, while on his death bed he confidently assumed that the rest of us would be following him to meet the Maker in short order.

But we are still here.

Skip several "the end is nigh" phophesies and now we are looking down the same old gun barrel again.

This time however, it is bound to be true. After all, I am reliably informed the Mayan civilisation have an end date to their calender which corresponds to December 21st 2012.

The Mayan civilisation, which built such wonders as the pyramid at Chichen Itza were massively skilled in astronomy and mathematics. They devised a sophisicated calender which does count up to a date which corresponds to 21-12-2012. The bit that most doom-sayers seem to miss though is that after reaching 21-12-2012... it counts on. A bit like 1999-2000.

No doubt if the Mayans had survived their own internal wars and the Spanish invaders, they would have thrown a massive party before getting back to the odd human sacrifice or two.

For all their sophisicated mathematics the Mayans were a stone age people who never even invented the wheel. I think it hardly likely they knew something 600 years ago that we don't know today.

But to keep in the mood of Mr Barry McGuire. Heres my prediction for 21-12-2012.

In Dorset, England it will be drizzling. At approximately 22:00 hours, shortly after the drizzle has turned to a whitish-grey slushy snow, and shortly before I find out that I have just finished the bottle of cider I had been enjoying all evening, the world blink out.  

As if it was never there. 

Spooky eh?

But it is bound to be true. Look at the weather here tonight. Is that not an obvious omen and portent? And exactly two years almost to the hour before doomsday.

For further enlightenment, please send cheques/postal order/paypal etc marked payable to BilloTheWisp. I will help lighten your physical burden so the passing into the cosmic ether will be less arduous for you. You can thank me later.

Just remember the chilling words of Private Frazer:  

We Are All DOOMED!

Just as a matter of interest: When nothing much happens on 21-12-2012 does anyone know what the next end-of-the-world date/scenario is? I might like to make a block-buster movie about it.

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