CRU Hacks and an Economy of Truth

Professional scientists have always massaged their results to emphasise their convictions. The most notorious example of this was the famous Millikan Oil drop experiment which determined the charge on an electron. During his experimentation Millikan discarded huge quantities of data in order to arrive at the "correct" answer. This only came out when his notebooks were examined many years after his death. We should not be surprised at similar data manipulation of the data surrounding climate modelling.

The problem with climate science is now that both proponents and opposers of Climate Change have taken on the aspect of quasi-religious societies, each competing to prove the other is some form of Grand International fraud or cover-up.

Meanwhile the Great and the (not so) Good grandstand it at Copenhagen. The poisonous influence of these high rolling politicians vying for influence and power pushes the science ever more to the boundaries of rationality. They know there is nothing more compulsive than another "End Of The World" story or "International Conspiracy" (I must do a post on our perennial lust for doom mongering soon).

Whatever the outcome of the contrived drama in Copenhagen, please be guaranteed that  the rich and powerful in developing countries as well as our own powerful elites will not be going short anytime soon. As for the rest of us, well that may well be another story.

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