Once upon a time I was a squishy-squashy brexiteer. The softest of the soft.

In fact prior to about 2008 (though I will deny this when in polite company) I was actually a Remainer. In the late 90's/00's (I am now ashamed to admit) I thought joining the Euro and ditching the Pound would be a good idea.

But as the years ran on I read "stuff". Not all at once but progressively.

I read accounts of the fixing, corruption and denial of democratic decisions that were (and are) just daily routine events in the Eu bureaucracy.

I laughed with everybody else when Neil Kinnock became the only Eu commissioner to emerge from the Santer Commission Corruption Scandal with any dignity.

I read Peter Shore's book "Separate Ways"  rather belatedly 10 years after it was published (aka 2010) It was important to me, especially as Peter Shore's political viewpoint mostly aligned with mine.

As the Eu monster grew and showed us its ugly face my views became less appreciative. Through I was still broadly on-board with the Eu project.

When the Eu Referendum came on us in 2016 I truly agonised over whether to vote in or out. Seriously - I know many find it good to have firm ideas, but I have always tried to be evidence based and bend as necessary.

I studied more, and became that squishy-squashy brexiteer. The softest of the soft (you'll see this in some of the pre-referendum posts!) But as the referendum grew ever nearer I read more, and more. I grew increasingly appalled.

But I was still a softy. I voted leave with a heavy heart.

Now post referendum we see the Eu in full ugliness. A hateful spiteful bureaucracy which is desperate to make the transgressor pay. The Eu is no longer a friend or an allay but a hostile opponent and should be treated as such.

Consequently my opinion now is that we should act similarly to them. But in Spades. No military support, no security support and strict control of products coming into our country from the Eu. It may hurt us some, but better that than to be someone else's bitch.

I remember one guy from "Brexit the Movie" saying he would rather eat grass for five years than stay in the Eu. Today I regard that guy as a wimp.

I am no longer a soft-brexiteer.

I am a case hardened, tungsten tipped hard brexiteer. With attitude.

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