BBC: England Almost Unstruck

Regular visitors to this blog will know that Billothewisp has a very low opinion of the BBC. Especially the way the BBC has airbrushed England out of the political landscape of these shores.

The BBC's stance on the non existence of an English identity was initially explored in  This Early Post Of Mine.

As it is a year since I wrote about this, I thought I would revisit the BBC monolith. Lo and Behold! The BBC has partially relented.

Today on This Page you will find a reference to "Around England"

Of course while N. Ireland Politics, Welsh Politics and Scottish Politics all have detailed references to their own assemblies All the pitiful "Around England" entry boasts is a section on "Blogs around the Regions" Ugh.

Obviously the Great Good and Extremely Well Fed at the BBC are still wedded to Prescotts "Final Solution" to the West Lothian Question. They are fully on-board the concept of destroying England by dismembering it into some regionally antagonistic nightmare. The thought of having an area actually devoted to English politics is still a bridge too far.

I suppose this is progress. Even though it feels like we are all just trying to drag an rusty and obsolete old car up an steep incline. Maybe, one day, this festering travesty of a public service will actually fulfil its duty and really acknowledge an English identity and the existence of English political issues.

Until then, in this blog, England remains stuck out.

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cornubian said...

You are not alone in this even if you think so. The BBC has a hatred of all expressions of Cornish national identity and even refuses to follow the advice of the Royal Kilbrandon Report into the constitution that suggested Cornwall be called a Duchy in view of its specific constitutional position.

Sadly many an English nationalist is only too happy for the BBC to airbrush Cornwall and it's non English identity out of existence but when the tables are turned....

Equally before devolution to Wales, Scotland and the Six Counties of Northern Ireland many of -today's- English nationalists didn't give two hoots if the BBC didn't say England. Not much of a movement for English self-determination and English recognition before devolution was there? Why? Because most of the newly converted English nationalists were quite happy as Anglo-Brits. Not that surprising really considering their nation dominated the political, cultural and economic life of these isles. They didn't have to worry about English identity because everyone was becoming British which to you meant English anyway.

The BBC are still Anglo-Brits clinging on to the empire today's 'English nationalists' were so fond of.