Wind Power: Three Months Data

I am following a very interesting thread on the IET (formerly IEE) website regarding  the sheer uselessness of windpower during the cold snap we have just had.  (See Here)  It makes interesting reading.

While I have been following the excellent Neta Website myself for a few weeks, I did not realise that they actually provide  a full 3 month data set  for all the various methods of power generation. This displays actual outputs on a half hourly basis. (Thanks to "Ipayyoursalary" on the IET thread for pointing this out)

I have one minor criticism of this data. While the XML data set looks good, the potentially more immediately useable CSV data lacks headers and you have to go digging through the XML equivalent to figure out what is what.

But even so, this is an absolute gold mine. Or, if you are a greedy wind farm developer, possibly a nest of vipers.

Congratulations must be given to those who run the Neta site, not only for producing this data set, but also for coherently displaying the fluctuations and methodology of the country's power generation.

I downloaded the CSV and XML data sets tonight and have had a first hack at simply tidying up the CSV file so people can use it in Excel or Calc. I'll be having a crack at some analysis myself in the next few days but I know some of the folk who read this blog can do things with a spreadsheet that would make my ears bleed.

I will try and figure out a way of getting this file available for general download and will raise another post when I have sussed it out.

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