Wind Power Today Revisited

I just thought I would give you grubby little Englanders  an update on how the mighty wind turbines have done over night.

Fresh from the BMReports Page At NETA.....

So, it looks like yesterday things actually picked up a bit and the national real output from our spinning monsters actual broke through the 4% of their rated value. Woooaaaa!

And tomorrow, (wait for it.) their output almost reaches 5%.

Strewth. With overnight improvements  like that perhaps we should just shut down all the other power generation plant ready for the mighty wind turbines to take over!

Just as a comparison. If your economical one Litre car was reduced to 5% of its power it would like ripping out the one litre engine and then replacing with the engine from a 50cc moped. I dare say though, that there are some supporters of this wind turbine fantasy who would actually consider this a good idea.

Unfortunately, there is one figure missing in the NETA table. We must always remember that a wind turbine is a machine operating in a unpredictable and harsh environment. They must never be allowed to stop turning in very cold conditions and freeze up. Unfortunately, when the wind stops blowing they stop. To get round this problem they all have heaters. Electric heaters in fact. This is to ensure that they do not freeze solid. Alternatively some can be "motored" This is usually used to start the thing turning in sub-optimal wind conditions. This incidentally is a nice little feature often exploited to give the impression of useful work being done even when the wind is too slow to actually turn the things. An absolute boon when trying to impress a politician or two.

So, in these freezing times when  power generation is being severely tested, not only are the mighty wind turbines providing bugger-all of next to nothing in the way of power, they are no doubt, in many places actually acting as a further drain on the grid.

Pathetic isn't it.


Anonymous said...

I would like to post your updates on the DART(Dorset against Rural Turbines)website,if that's OK. The more debunking of these monstrosities,the better, in my 'umble opinion. By the way,a decision to allow planning permission has not been granted for the wind farm at East Stoke in Dorset, despite all the hype indicating it has. We(local yokels) are currently getting all our ducks in a row, ready for The Big Fight. A number of irregularities in the planning process and the public planning meeting have been identified so far and a solicitor's letter dispatched and answered the very same day. Someone's goose is definitely starting to look a bit tasty this Christmas. Gas mark 4, bit of salt rubbed in. Nice.

BilloTheWisp said...

That is absolutely fine. There is more of this to come by the way.