Wind developers: When NO means NO!

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A little lesson for the gold-diggers in the wind industry. This is quite simple and it is something any 2 year old should understand.

No means NO.

When the good people of Burton - upon- Stather in Lincolnshire objected to yet another industrial wind turbine complex being built near their village, the developers, greedy for their gold, tried to bull-doze it though - and failed. They got all bitter and twisted when told "NO" for the first time.
A bit like a spoilt 2 year old.
It ended up with a public enquiry.

Much to the chagrin of the Klondike cowboys, they lost the appeal.

Because the primary reason they lost was the  damaging health affects their useless monstrosity would have on two young boys suffering from autism, they had a bright idea.

As you can imagine, morality does not appear to figure too highly with these gold diggers.

They decided to "come to an arrangement" with the family of the autistic children. You and I can only guess at the pressure the parents of these kids would be under, simply from the day to day living. When "an arrangement" turns up it can probably be too difficult to resist.

So after making their "arrangement" these bastards are back with another appeal to build the bloody turbines again.

Even after a public enquiry!

But the local North Lincolnshire Council, threw it out. Again. (And good for them)

A quote from the ThisIsScunthorpe news report (Full Version HERE)

Burton and Winterton ward councillor Bernard Regan told the meeting: "I am astonished we are even looking at this again, as we have proven twice that this is not a good thing for the community or for North Lincolnshire.

"It calls into question the whole issue of democracy where planning is concerned.
"The developer can come back time and time again and chip away at the objections, but there is no such redress on the part of the objectors."
[end quote]

Bloody right Bernard. I totally agree

These shysters have been told NO by the council and NO at a public enquiry and then NO again.

Why the hell are they even allowed to consider having another go?

What the hell happened to the democratic rights of the people objecting?

What happened to the concept that when something is voted down, appealed against and voted down again IT IS VOTED DOWN.

How long are we going to put up with these bastards riding rough shod over our democracy simply so they can make a fast buck?

At least the people of Burton-upon-Stather are setting a good example to us all.

Don't let the bastards grind you down.
Just say NO!

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