Canadian Green Party Leads the Way

Like the Friends of the Earth in England, the Canadian Green Party is an avid supporter of Industrial Wind Turbine technology. But at least the Canadian Greens are acting responsibly and putting people before their ideology

Due to the growing mountain of evidence  regarding the damaging effects these turbines have on people living near them, the Canadian Greens have requested Canada Health (the Canadian National Health Authority) to undertake an epidemiological survey on what has become known as Wind Turbine Syndrome. ( See their Resolution Here - passed with 66% majority)

It is refreshing to see politicians seeking to defend the  people they represent, even though the outcome may be against their ideological preferences.

Perhaps the Canadian Green Party could give a little moral  instruction to the Friends of the Earth here, who, with every passing day appear to be more in the pocket of the wind industry.

It is a shame that while their cousins in Canada give moral leadership, the Greens in this country seek to overwhelm local objections and rail-road their demands though. They seek to  ride rough-shod over any local objection, how ever valid. Today it appears that the FOE is so wedded to its doctrinaire ideology it would go to almost any lengths, destroy and trample over anyone, to get its way.

The people who the FOE sneer at and disparage will remember how the FOE preferred to side with rich developers.

One day the FOE will find this will come back and haunt them.

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