A Warning from Billothewisp

OK you grubby little Englanders. I have a severe warning for you.

Even if you are a not mass murderer, or an oppressive dictator. Or even  a megalomaniac, nazi inspired, bigot.

You could well end up looking like this

Or even like this

Simply by embibing a mere five pints of Old Rosie (the Cider of Champions)  or half a bottle of industrial grade Metaxa - fresh from the chemical waste dump outside Athens.

No mass murder is required.

So be warned.

h/t to Anorak News and Wikipedia


Dioclese said...

I've been on the Metaxa for years and I'm not this ugly - but then I am a nonsmoker ;-)

BilloTheWisp said...

Ah well, that explains it. I suppose it accounts for my outstanding beauty as well.