Clarkson's Mexico

In the latest "controversial" Top Gear, Clarkson and Co made some snide remarks about Mexico and Mexicans. There are the inevitable hysterical cries of outrage and calls for Clarkson to be sacrificially murdered or at least fired.

While I don't believe Clarkson should be burnt at the stake for his tasteless jokes, sometimes his humour does stretch the boundaries.

Entertaining as Top Gear can be, it can also sometimes be childish and tedious. But better that than some typical grey BBC Mung Bean chomping Politically Correct trash.

But even so, I do think Clarkson did Mexico an unnecessary disservice.

Personally, I really like Mexico and the Mexicans. As a people, they are generally kind, helpful and entertaining. I have found them far from lazy.

Mexico is a poor country ravaged by a drug war that has cost many thousands of lives. The big losers in all this are the average Mexicans who earn (if they are lucky) $150 a week. Money they work hard for.

Even though they are poor, Mexicans are not constantly in your face like you get in some other countries.  I have ridden around Yucatan Peninsula on public transport and never felt threatened or at risk. Unlike some places in this country I could mention.

Mexico and the Mexicans get enough bad publicity thanks to their large neighbours drug dependency. Perhaps a little positive publicity would be nice.

After all, Mexicans get short changed enough as it is.


Dioclese said...

I spent a very pleasant two weeks in Mexico. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found the people welcoming and generous.

But I still prefer Metaxa to Tequila even thought Mexican beer is better...

BilloTheWisp said...

Except for the horrible taste, the need for salt and lime, the blinding headache in the morning, the brain damage, liver failure and kidney stones, Tequila is not that bad.

But I am with you Dioclese in that Metaxa is best.