Windfarm Wars: The Final Chapter

Windfarm Wars is/was a documentary series on BBC2. It followed the progress and opposition to a proposed industrial wind turbine complex to be built in the heart of rural Devon. Like its predecessors, this final episode is a must watch.

For some unknown reason it will only be available on BBC iplayer for 6 days. It is available HERE but be quick.

Regrettably there is no real happy ending. Unless that is, you are a ruthless corporate windfarm developer. Even they have some difficulties with the conditions (so it is not all bad).

Mike Hulme and friends gallantly fight the corporate monster. They are truly inspiring, but the contest is so totally unequal it is enough to make you despair.

A few interesting little snippets crawl out of the woodwork. RES the "Oh So Green" developer is actually part of the McAlpine Group.

In other words, this is just another dirty corporate monster trampling over the common folk for its filthy lucre.

The stupidity of the government (or at least the last government) really comes to the fore. At least the second enquiry recommended  ETSU-R-97 (the windfarm noise standard) should be reviewed.

But the government still appeared complacent to the need for change. Probably because the government is completely in the pocket of the big corporations. The common people can go to hell.

I was absolutely amazed at the sheer depths the developer went to. At one point the child of the the project manager (now a director of RES) gets to give evidence to the enquiry.

Then the project managers partner was wheeled out. Of course, the project manager protested that she had no idea what their partner was going to say (yea,  yea, yea).

I imagine that RES were so desperate for people to speak for the development, anyone would do.

Watch out for one other windfarm supporter, evidently known to the developer. He effectively suggests that Den Brook and its residents should be sacrificed so the wind farm could go ahead.


Perhaps Mike and the rest of the locals should be shipped out on cattle trains to some remote detention  camp where they can be "re-educated". Then RES can build their money making  monsters unheeded.

I will be blogging more on this, but for now I would really like to say a big thank you to the people of Den Brook and their supporters.

Their campaign has been absolutely inspiring.

They have taken a big chunk out of the wall that protects and promotes this nationwide crime. I hope their fortitude and resilience will force a re-evaluation of this truly failed technology.

Maybe then we can stop wasting money on ineffective and costly wind turbines, and also stop lining the pockets of greedy developers.

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