The Coming Dark Age

Billothewisp would like to reassure his readers that he does not believe Western civilisation is about to collapse.

He is though seriously concerned about the clock ticking us down to an energy famine. An energy famine that, in eight to ten years time will have a catastrophic effect on jobs, society and especially on the old and frail.

I use the word “will” rather than “may” because arguably it is already too late.

The lights will go out.

In ten years our generating capability is likely to be so compromised, so under resourced and so out of date that even if Chris Huhne saw the light and ordered 15 nuclear power stations tomorrow, there still would be a shortage.

But there is no real likely-hood of Chris Huhne doing anything of the sort.
(See Telegraph article here)

He says Nuclear power is a “failed technology”. Tell that to the French, who currently top up our already inadequate supplies from their (85% Nuclear) power grid. Even tell it to the UK where 25% has been reliably and continuously provided for 30 years by nuclear.

Our nuclear power generation is going to decrease not because there is any flaw in it but simply because the stations are old and need to be retired.

Chris Huhne continues to clutch at a truly failed power option, that of wind generation. Wind power has its niches, but it is incapable of keeping the lights on or the wheels of industry turning. It is time Mr Huhne put the future victims of an energy shortage above his personal dogma.

The clock is ticking.

Unless something effective is done very soon, people will die.

I have two urgent words of warning for Mr Huhne.

Tick Tock.

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