An Inconvenient Planetary Greening

Strange red women march in London. Assorted Climate Warriors glue themselves to things. Even Darth Vader has made an appearance.

Bizarre uniformed youths in silver outfits (that make them look like demented Telly Tubbies) traipse across the bridges of the Thames.

The Climate Rebellion gathers apace.

But meanwhile, as the rest of us stoically await the promised global annihilation, there has been an (another) unfortunate and rather embarrassing development.

I've told you about the North Pole that has point blank refused to go ice free in summer (Here)

I've told you about the decreasing average wind speeds. (Here)

But now,  it appears the planet is greening as well.

Even though Extinction Rebellion promised us desertification and mass starvation
within 10 years (9 years to go), the quantity of vegetation on the planet is increasing.

Which (somewhat) ruins the Armageddon-esque narrative. (See Here)

And it's not just me saying it. Honest! I'm just the messenger. So don't shoot! Reserve your ammo and associated climate justice for the likes of NASA.

They are the swine who've discovered this greening abomination and are bragging
about it.

It's On this Link.

Guess what? A great deal of that greening comes from ambitious tree planting programs in India and China. In other words they are taking pro-active steps to improve the environment, and it is working.

So India and China are hugely improving the lives of their populations and greening the planet as well. All primed by reliable, plentiful and cheap energy!

(The average Climate Warrior might not like that last bit - Sorry)

But it is not just India and China that are greening up. The rest of the world is too!

This has been known since 2016 (See Here) but whenever you ask your average Climate Warrior about it they either mumble in disbelief or just look at their eco-friendly shoes.

So far we have reducing average wind speeds. The north pole ice cap is still there (prophesied to be gone eight years ago). Now we have increasing growth of vegetation instead of desertification.

This climate catastrophe is not really going to plan is it?

Or rather maybe somebody has not looked at the plan properly. After all the Planet really is warming.

So whats left of this Climate Emergency?

Well, it does look like sea levels are rising. Maybe there's more precipitation (rain).

Which is after all what you would expect with Global Warming  Climate Change whatever its source.

But how bad is this change and how will drastically reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions mitigate this rise?

Is collapsing the economy and throwing millions back to the Dark Ages really worth it?

That is for another post.


Anonymous said...

Yes, there are quite a few neglected benefits of climate change. A warmer Med seeems to intensify rainfall over the Sahel, for example,making the kind of megadroughts it suffered in the 80s less likely.

And because of rising Sea Surface Temperatures, the African monsoon is predicted to radically intensify and move north, possibly greening much of the Sahara.

So even warmer, swollen seas has major upsides...

BilloTheWisp said...

Thanks to anonymous above for some interesting links

Anonymous said...

You may find this post useful

Keep up the good work

BilloTheWisp said...

Thanks to a (potentially different) anonymous for the link which lead to an interesting blog! I have only touched the surface with it (it is quite extensive). But I will return to it later.

I understand some of the arguments against CO2 being the driver for global warming But (for the moment) I'm going to accept that it is the case. Though I hasten to add this is not a dogmatic stance but one which is open to change. Based on evidence and scientific rigour.

However while I currently go along with the idea that CO2 is responsible for some of the global temperature rise over the last century it does not follow that all of the outcomes from this rise are bad. In fact as I describe in this post some are good.

The concept of a "Climate Emergency" is propaganda straight and simple. Maybe we need to ameliorate global warming. But crashing the worlds economy and plunging billions back into dollar a day poverty is (to me) not an option.

What I hope to do in this blog is offset some of the end-of-days rhetoric that destroys not proper debate and in the end destroys peoples lives as well.

Anonymous' blog does look to be a thoughtful (though sceptic) take on AGW. Which in my book is fine (desirable even)

It sure as hell beats Extinction Rebellions "mass starvation in ten years" nonsense into a cocked hat.

The world has many problems and also many reasons to be cheerful about the progress we have made.

But one of the things that has regressed in recent years is a willingness to look at opposing ideas or debate.

Without that - progress is imperilled.