UK Diesel Most Expensive in Europe, Soon the World

UK Diesel is the most expensive in the Europe Union and the second most expensive in the world.

(graph taken from Australian Institute of Petroleum )

The average European Diesel price is over 17% cheaper. The cheapest (Luxembourg) is over 27% cheaper.

You can  Compare Diesel Prices on European Energy Portal Here

Notice that taxation component on the graph.

UK Diesel is by far the most heavily taxed fuel in the whole of the OECD, let alone Europe.

But still, I have to admit,  the price of Diesel in Turkey is slightly higher than in the UK. (sigh)

So we come shameful second for overpriced fuel in the OECD countries.

But my fellow grubby little Englanders should not worry. George Osbourne is "On The Ball".

The proposed 3p rise in fuel duty (which also then increases the VAT  - a tax on a tax) should ensure that the UK triumphantly grasps the world crown of the most expensive Diesel fuel in the world.

Another world first for England and the UK


How proud we should all be. (not)

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