Wind Farm Conquistadors

The Globalisation swindle that is wind energy has really plumbed the depths of depravity in Mexico. A new breed of Spanish Conquistadors have arrived. Like their forebears they have set out to rob the indigenous people of their land.

We may think we have it bad in England, where greedy multinationals hire celebrity lawyers at £20,000 a day to twist the truth and buy their own "justice".

But in Mexico, the wind companies trick the native population out of their land rights. They then get their thugs in to clear out those who won't leave.

If the locals stand up to the intimidation then they resort to death threats and beatings.

Most of these wind companies I should add, are European. Mainly Spanish.

Find that difficult to believe? Thinking old Billo might been at the cider too much today?

Well, my grubby little Englander: I have some links for you: (there are many more)
Oaxaca death threats to human rights defenders
Oaxaca possible conflict regarding wind energy projects
Wind parks take over indigenous lands

And then there is this one particularly - a call for objections by Amnesty International. Please use the link to raise a complaint if you can. The Campesinos need support.

Community threatened by wind farm staff

In Oaxaca Mexico,  there are about 14 different native groups. Collectively they are known as Campesinos. These poor and often illiterate native peoples put great store in typical traditional values. Things like: Your Word being your Bond.

For the wind energy corporate lawyers it was like taking candy from a baby.

Oaxaca is one of the poorest regions in Mexico. Here are some stats:

        * 34.5% of houses do not have running water;
        * 54.4% do not have plumbing;
        * 12.7% do not have electricity;
        * Only 37.8% of houses have all three of these basic services;
        * 40% of houses have dirt floors.

But don't go looking to any wind company for social improvement. They are too busy making huge profits. They don't even pay their bills.

To these globalised corporate monsters, the complaining Campesinos are just irritating Mexican Nimby's.

Campesinos can be ignored, and if they cannot be ignored they can be derided and treated with contempt. If they still continue to object then they can be beaten up - or worse.

Read this very important 2008 Paper (pdf) : Wind Conflicts In The Isthmus Of Tehuantepec by Sergio Oceransky.  It is Here and Here

If you are not appalled and disgusted by the attitude and comments from the company bosses that Sergio has recorded, then God help you.

But you can only swindle people for so long before it all boils over.

Recently a demostration and picket line of Campesino men, women and children was rammed by a bus carrying construction workers and security guards.

Twenty protestors were injured, some seriously. The outraged Campesinos returned the violence and an innocent construction worker was shot in the face and killed.

One killed 20 injured Mexican wind protest

When you get injustice, there are always those willing to push things further
(Read This Blood Curdling Blog Post Here)

Meanwhile the real villains, the people who should be held to account are 4000 miles away in Madrid counting their money.

This ugly world wide abuse is driven by governmental stupidity and plain old corporate greed. All this is fuelled by the ridiculous subsidies attached to this ineffectual energy source. (Yes - even in poverty stricken Oaxaca)

This abuse will continue until those in authority actually do something to stop it. It does not matter whether this abuse is happening in Oaxaca, Dorset or Ontario.

It must be addressed.

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