Thumbs Down for AV

It looks like AV has been rejected by a very large majority.


But that is the way it goes with democracy.
Some you win.
Some you lose.

I have got to admit though that the Yes campaign was dismal. Especially bad (embarrassingly awful in fact) was the condescending and trite publicity. The support from self serving politico's like Clegg really did not help either.

I hope that in this case the "Wisdom of Crowds" is correct and I was wrong in supporting AV.

Although I have an uneasy suspicion that this rejection of AV is simply going to secure the position of the ugly wide boys who currently rule or have ruled (and ruined)  the country.

The Camerons, Reids and Blunkett's of this world, are laughing tonight.

Hi Ho Hum.


JAA said...

The real shame is that unless the government changes we'll not see another AV vote for 10 years if we're lucky. Worse was the turnout. most folk don't give a stuff it seems.

BilloTheWisp said...

JAA. Yes you are right. But I think you are being optimistic on ten years. I think the impasse will only now be put under stress is if the Scots have a referendum and vote to severe the union. Otherwise the dirty men of UK politics will ensure their self serving status quo continues.