Fukishima: Time To Go Home

Getting information about the Fukishima nuclear emergency gets harder and harder by the day. Not through some fanciful dark conspiracy. But because there is nothing much to report these days. The drama days are long gone.

Currently the IEIA site has some fancy slideshows of assorted radiation data on Japan and Fukishima. (See Here).

A typical example:

It looks like almost all readings are barely above background - if that. Little if any risk remains, that is if there was any appreciable risk to the general population at a range of 20Km in the first place.

But nobody has the balls to say that.

The problem we have here now is that many tens of thousands of people have been "evacuated" from a danger zone where there is actually little appreciable danger. In fact most of the danger in the  current 20Km exclusion zone comes from the debris and general nastiness left over from the now forgotten earthquake and tsunami.

We end up with people living in a state of limbo because nobody has the guts to make a decision. Those in charge are frightened of what the anti-nuclear lobby will say. Nobody has the guts to endure their wrath and say it like it really is.

Nobody is prepared to stop the arse covering or question  the preposterous comparison of Fukishima to Chernobyl.

Life is full of risks. For the good people from the Fukishima Prefecture there will be many risks as their rebuild their towns and villages. But any risk from radiation falls so far below the risks they must endure from the wreckage it pails into insignificance.

It is time to stop using the the people of Fukishima as pawns in a propaganda game play.It is time to stop pretending that this is all about their safety. It is not. It is about "looking good". It is about appeasment.

It is about time that someone in Japan took responsibility for ending the torment of the people of Fukishima. It is time they judged the situation on the real current status of the Fukishima Nuclear plant. They need to show leadership. If in the highly unlikely event something changed, well, then re-evacuate. But seriously leadership should do just that - lead. Not cower behind politically correct stupidity that leaves many thousands in misery.

The people of Fukishima need to restart their businesses. They need to rebuild  their lives.

It is time they were allowed to go home.


JAA said...

Good point as usual.

Did look into Thorium reactors as well, certainly seem the answer at the moment, smart tech.

If/when we stumble into each other I'll tell you some of my safty stories from UK power stations, non of them related to radioactivty, but certainly a few are Darwin award winning.

ds said...

can't get any information on radiation levels in the evacuated region.they They can not be too bad as people are allowed in to collect belongings etc. ---a bad move if levels are high as this would result in spreading contamination. Probably be more illness from the stress of evacuation than there would have been from radiation. This happened to a great exetent at Chernobyl


BilloTheWisp said...

My apologies to DS for the delay in posting his comment. Believe it or not there are still places in this country where you cannot get internet access even by GPRS and I've been there for the last week!
I will reply properly later

BilloTheWisp said...

My apologies to JAA to whom I failed to reply, and further apologies to DS for not leaving a meaningful reply before now, but this is quite an old post.

DS, you are right it is getting harder and harder to get any new information out of Fukishima. Probably because there isn't any.

The IAEA seem to have not bothered with any updates now since last June.

I have today found some (hopefully) new stuff regarding Fukushima which I will blog on soon.

Really, when it comes down to it, I suspect that the radiation levels are as close to background
as you can get (i.e. for this area of Japan, significantly less than that in London) So the real damage is being done by a gutless government who are not even giving their people the chance to make an informed decision to return.

It is a shame when people who are supposed to be in charge are so in awe of cult like anti-nuclear pressure groups that they fail to act in the interests of their own people.