Junk Energy and Wind Turbines

The John Muir Trust is an honourable institution, dedicated to protecting wild places. It seeks to protect the remaining wilderness that is so diminished in our country. As a result of this focus, they commissioned a report of the affects of wind turbines upon this countryside and also (critically) how effective and worthwhile these turbines would be.

Their report, compiled by Stuart Young Consulting has just been published. It is totally damning. It can be found HERE

It shows that the national wind turbine output:

below 20% of capacity more than half the time.
below 10% of capacity over one third of the time.
below 2.5% capacity for the equivalent of one day in twelve.
below 1.25% capacity for the equivalent of just under one day a month.

Billothewisp did a similar though much smaller analysis ( See Here ) here for a 3 month period over winter 2010. The results were just as bad.

The John Muir Trust analysis covers over 2 years and is comprehensive and irrefutable. Stuart Young Consulting freely admit that they were surprised at how appalling these figures are.

How long are we going to have to put up with this scam?

All the wind turbine industry does is mercilessly ruin rural communities, while pandering to the fashion sense of vacuos green bigots. The only real  winners are the carpet bagging developers who in turn line the  the pockets of ruthless and amoral landowners who allow these things to desicrate their local communities.

The actual energy contribution from the whole of the wind turbine fleet is dismally unreliable, erratic and excruciatingly expensive.

One observation from the Stuart Young Consulting document says it all:
It is clear from this analysis that wind cannot be relied upon to provide any significant level of  generation at any defined time in the future. There is an urgent need to re-evaluate the implications of reliance on wind for any significant proportion of our energy requirement. 

The politician who puts the country before this scam (and probably before his mates who are profiting from it) gets my vote.

The John Muir Website can be found HERE
The report by Stuart Young Consulting (pdf) can be found HERE
Billothewisps 3 month summary post is HERE

Hat tip to Charles For this Post  over at nucleargreen.blogspot.com

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