An Australian Compromise

A word to my Australian friends.

We palmed This Bloke off on you 41 years ago and it really is NOT cricket for you to send him back.

Yes, I know he shot a policeman and spent 10 years in jail. It is also true that he would be regarded as an arsehole anywhere in the world.

But you have had him longer than us. So you should keep him.

Deporting him to the UK is simply not cricket!

But I suppose I must admit that I secretly admire your forthright defence of your borders from the likes of this (ugh!) Brit and many other freeloaders for that matter.

Maybe we could come to a compromise.

Maybe you could send your Border Security experts over here and teach our politicians how to control our borders.

Believe me, we have loads and loads of  "ne'er do wells" from other places. Most of them have been here for considerably less than 41 years.

Helping us to send a few of them back to whence they came would really sugar the bitter pill you have just sent us.

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