Another Green Energy Scam

So, you think wind power is counter-productive, unreliable, and a vacuous waste of time and money?

OK, while I would agree with you, there are (believe it or not) even worse Green scams doing the rounds.

Top of the list must surely be Palm Oil.

When it comes to sheer greed, exploitation and avarice, the Palm Oil scam makes the average band of wind farm shysters look like a bunch of choir boys who've drunk too much shandy.

Like Wind Power, Palm oil sounds so Green. So nice. So warm and cosy.

In the case of palm oil, you grow oil rich plants, harvest them and use the oil as biodiesel, or food or animal feed... evidently the list is endless. Here is  a   Prime Promoter  of the wonders of Palm Oil

Hmmmmm. Wonderful.

The only catch is that you need somewhere to grow your oil palms.

Just like our own green bigots who would allow any travesty, any crime to be perpetrated on local communities so they can get their way, so has been the case with Palm oil.

Ten years ago, when the Palm Oil barons started to trash the environment for their particular fix for the "Global Emergency" (sic) - they did it in spades.

Oil Palms grow best in warm humid climates. Around the tropics. You know, just where all that pesky rain forest is.

So our great and benificient Oil Palm saviours decided to clear virgin rain forest in order to grow their Oil Palms, along with any annoying villages that might get in the way. Only recently has this been stopped, or at least reduced.

Another classic case of destroying the environment in order to save it.

This was so outrageous that even the likes of FOE and Green Peace have done a volte-face and are up in arms over it. Though I am not sure whether it is due to their hatred of anything with an engine (that could use the oil) or actually due to the destruction of the rain forest.

As Typical palm Oil Producers (Here) now produce certificates of sustainability like confetti,  I suspect that it is the former.

The real trouble with Palm Oil, like Wind Power is that the figures simply do not add up - unless you are getting the subsidy.

The whole scheme is driven by greed. It is simply a scam. A non viable scheme  pursued by energy carpet baggers to fleece the average man and woman in the street.

While we continue to finance these hair brained schemes we fall further behind in really sorting out our energy needs with proven technology and with new technology, like Thorium Nuclear reactors ( Telegraph Article Here). Technology that really is worth the investment.

I am not against experimentation with Wind or Palm Oil, in fact I greatly support the concept of studying and developing new energy sources. But what we have today is simply not viable. Be it Wind or Palm Oil.

Trying to use them as primary energy resources is ugly, stupid and absurd.

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