Denmark: No More Land Based Wind Turbines

Billothewisp is busily hacking his way through the 3 month NETA data on wind turbine power output and has some rather startling, (nay - shocking) preliminary figures. To be presented here soon.

But not tonight.

But I must quickly mention a few things.

Today I came across a truly awesome Canadian site with masses of information on the sheer hopelessness of wind power.

It is not bitchy. It is not nasty and it presents the facts about a whole range of issues surrounding this truly failed technology.

The site is: I highly recommend it.

Just another quick aside on a couple of things I've picked up:

1. Denmark (the doyen of the Wind lobby) has declared that it will no longer build any more wind turbine on land. (That is none, nil, zero) The reason? Because of masses of  complaints about noise!
The Telegraph version of this news item is  HERE

2. The good people of Hinkely Point, famous for its nuclear power station, have  forced a wind turbine company to abandon its plans to descrecrate their countryside with 12 or so turbines.

Hinkely will soon have a new nuclear plant. This new nuclear plant leaves the people of Hinkely un-phased, although I expect the day-dreaming luddites with their windmills are wide-eyed in disbelief!

Good for the people of Hinkely Point.

The article from the Independant is HERE

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BilloTheWisp said...

The above supportative comment was removed by me because it contained an email address and I did not want the lady to end up getting bombarded with spam.

Please note: I do not ever remove comments because they are factually difficult to deal with (unlike some others I could mention)

I always welcome contrary views. After all, I could be wrong about wind power (but I would take a hellava lot of convincing)