A Greek Tragedy and an English Vote.

As we come to the end of the British election campaign, matters in Greece have turned ugly. Greece is nigh on bankrupt and sliding towards anarchy. To maintain their position within the Euro zone they have to make massive cuts . Even our future cuts, that will be very bad, will not match those currently demanded of Greece.

There is a lesson here for us. Greece gave up its sovereignty too easily. It surrendered its national control over its currency and, like us has kow-towed to the Bureaucrats in Brussels. While things were good, the Greeks wafted along on a sea of debt. Now it has all turned sour. Today Germany is calling the shots. Greece does as it is told.

There but for the grace of God we go. I must admit that, several years ago I was of the opinion that joining the Euro was a good idea. How wrong I was.

When we go to vote tomorrow, we should all ask ourselves as to whether the people we are voting for will strive to keep us off the Greek road to ruin.

The European Union has just about cost the Greeks everything. It has also cost us dear.

As the SNP seems ultra Europhile, maybe the primary concern we should express with our vote should be for the sovereignty of (at least) England if not the whole of the UK.

Let us prevent the Greek tragedy becoming the English tragedy.

Examine the manifestos.
Who is really going to protect our sovereignty?

Watch out who you vote for.


Dioclese said...

Enjoy your vote and pint, Bill. There is apparently one polling station actually in a pub but I forget where. Sounds admirably sensible to me. I trust you will not be getting your free Nick Clegg CD?

I've off to the leisure centre to count ballots - amazingly they are letting me near them, so who would you like to win ???

Unfortunately not in Cambridge, so I can't help OH.....

I'm off to Greece next week to help boost their economy, volcanic ash and Greek general strikes permitting.

Bill (Transcriber) said...

Have a good time in Greece Dioclese. As for the free Nick Clegg CD all I can say this is where modernity has got it wrong. You could make a flower pot out of an old scratched vinyl LP. What the hell can you do with an old scratched CD? Have a good count.