The German Cash Cow

Oh Doom.

The Euro is diving.

Billothewisp sends his sincere condolences to our euro-patriot German taxpayer friends.

But never mind.

I'm sure the Greeks, Spanish, Portuguese, Italians and Irish will really pull back on their expediture.

I am sure they really would not want someone else to be picking up the bill for their profligacy.

Surely their honour will not be compromised!

I am certain that they are thinking all the time about the cost to you my German pals.

That is the glory of the Euro.

Everyone contributes spends according to their ability and then they all try and pay the bills.

But, unfortunately, it also looks like paying the bills is going to be done according to ability.

So, our illustrious German friends, it looks like you are going to pick up the tab.

Tough luck my friends.

Life is hard and unfair.

Especially for you and the Euro dream.

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