Cameron, Clegg and Elephants.

Billothewisp has been rather quiet this week due to suffering from 'flu.

So may I offer my belated congratulations to David Cameron and Thingy from the Liberal Doo-Dahs, who have at least managed to lever Gordon Brown out of 10 Downing street.

Actually when you think about it, they should probably get a Nobel prize for that single feat alone.

It is also good to see that there is a possibility for upgrading our decrepit electorial system.

However there is still the Elephant in the room.

Namely that little known and almost forgotten non country of England.

How are our new Divine Duo going to address the no vote, no country, no representation issue? Are the sour faced little Englanders going to be ignored again or is this issue going to be addressed?

In a recent poll (see here) nearly 70% of those polled wanted an English Parliament.

Dear Dave and Thingy.

The English Elephant is still here.

(Hat tip to Waking Hereward blog for the original report. see here)

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