Temporary Interruption

Unfortunately I have internet difficulties at the moment. Normal abuse/sarcasm/wit will be resumed A.S.A.P
Love & Kisses


Anonymous said...

The politicisation of weather


Bill (Transcriber) said...

Hmmm yes, I suppose this is a bit of a dum statement. The internet difficulties really were an absence from the country. I found it really difficult to blog at internet cafes. Both these items are now resolved and I have some cataching up to do! No bloody Icelandic volcano is going to keep me voting against The Dear Leader.

Bill (Transcriber) said...

Apologies to the commentator whose comment I managed to lose. The comment was on the lines that this particular post of mine was stupid. To which I humbly agree. Just to compound it I replied to the lost comment (see above). The anonymous comment at the start actually links to a ukip video and is unrelated. Hi Ho Hum.