I Am Sorry Too, Gordon

Billothewisp would also like to offer his grovelling apologies to the population of our ravished little land.

Taking a lead from Gordon our great magnifico, let me say:

Sorry Sorry Sorry Grovel Squirm dribble wriggle whine.


I am so grief stricken.
So overwhelmingly contrite and guilt ridden I can only repeat:


If you wish you can watch me flagellate myself (that is flagellate - you pervert)

I will cut myself with knives, gouge my flesh, smash my head against a wall anything to show my penance.

Sorry, sorry sorry

Oh GOD. I am so so so so so so Sorry.

But my sorrow is somewhat different to yours Gordon.

You are sorry because you were caught being a duplicitous conniving arrogant elitist bastard.

I am sorry because I voted for your bunch of criminally negligent do-nothings at the last election. (I hasten to add that is not a mistake I intend to repeat.)

So Gordon, after you are consigned to some powerless (but no doubt lucrative) backwater I will still be sorry, along with about 60 million other of your victims.

So to you Gordon, I can only that I am really sorry that you ever got to a position of authority.

As to my voting aberration during the last election, I must say to my fellow sour faced little Englanders:



Dioclese said...

Say three hail Mary's and fiddle with a small boy. God forgives you and so do I - now don't fooking do it again!

Bill (Transcriber) said...

Grovelling gratitude to you Dioclese for your forgiveness. Give my thanks to God too.