Gordon Brown to Head IMF

A friend just sent me an email. He joked that Gordon Brown was to be made head of the IMF on a salary of £330,000.

I've put the cricket bat in the back of the car and I'm driving round to my mates house now to give him a good thumping. Some things are just so tasteless and far fetched they really should not even be aired, even as a bad joke.

Just to make it worse he made out it wasn't really a joke - it was being seriously considered.

He even gave some links to this fairy land story from The Guardian (Here) and the  The BBC (Here).

After I've taught him his lesson about how not to make sick jokes about financial incompetents I'm sure we will all feel better. Though my trusty cricket bat may be a little dented.

But really, who can my friend think he was kidding?

Surely nobody would be so stupid enough to give  Gordon Brown a job on the tills at the local McDonalds, let alone a leading role in our financial future.

Honestly, Gordon Brown as head of the IMF? It is simply NOT funny!

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