The Lights Will Go Out: Official

You won't find this on the Daily Telegraph site, it was a filler in the paper. But was picked up by Anthony Watts ( HERE )

I am actually left speechless by this. I am so angry.

Is this bloke Holliday having a laugh? Does he not realise that people DIE when the electricity fails. OK they are usually only the OLD and the FRAIL or the POOR.

I suppose it is only fair to say: Who in the glitterati  gives a toss about them?


Are we so screwed as a country that we are completely and utterly in the awe of people who simply express mindless dogma and then justify any travesty, any stupidity just so they can maintain their quasi-religious zeal for ridiculous white elephants like wind turbines?

JESUS H CHRIST. I am SO angry about this.

There is NO EXCUSE. At all, of any description.

This is supposed to be a civilised country with a highly developed infrastructure. Why the hell  should we have to expect power cuts?

This is all because assorted stupid, ignorant fools like Chris Huhne and their mindless parody of a government insist on following dogma rather than common sense.

The last government caused the basis of this crisis. But the present government has (or had) a narrow window to dig us out of the pit.

It is not that they failed. It is that they did not even try.

They would rather sentence people to death rather than address the problem and risk losing their false green aura.

When (not if) the lights go out -

When old people freeze to death because the either cannot afford electricity or their boiler will  not light-

When the poor and needy have to choose between freezing or starving-

There will be only one person to blame.

Chris Huhne could have fixed this but chose not to. He chose not to fix it for the worst of political reasons, firmly backed up by his own stupidity and dogma.

Chris Huhne will be the culprit for very many ( tens of thousands ) deaths.

Chris Huhne (even now) should go before a court and explain why he did nothing except line the pockets of the gold-diggers saddling us with useless wind generation while simultaneously crippling the real generating ability of the nation.

If he had the slightest amount of decency in his body he would resign and then let somebody else with a better grip on reality try and pick up the pieces.

I hope in the future this fool and his sycophants are subjected to a public enquiry and they are held up to the public ridicule they so richly deserve.

But that  humiliation will not be witnessed by the true victims of this fool and his policies.

They will be cold, very cold - in their graves.

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JAA said...

It's depressing and stupid.

When you consider that the government cannot reduce fuel duty in the Shetlands without EU permission it's a bleak outlook.

It's either left wing liberalism perpetuated by morons or the extreme right alienating the middle ground, so that when they unfold their wings in the shadows we'll run towards them in relief.

Both possiblities fill me with dread.