Vestas V90 Turbine - Safety Instructions

OK. What is a Vestas V90?

No! My Dorset Dinlows.  It is not a box of 90 red matches

A Vestas V90 is a Wind Turbine.
A very large Wind Turbine.
Dimensionally similar to the ones earmarked for East Stoke in Dorset.

Now, for some reason, people have go the impression that Billothewisp dislikes wind turbines. Which is only partially true.

Billothewisp certainly has reservations about wind turbine cost/efficiency/effectiveness etc.

But what Billothewisp really hates, is gold digging anti-social carpet baggers building wind turbines too close to peoples homes.

So how close is too close?


Incidentally these highly skilled medics and scientists did not arrive at these recommendations over a pint down the pub. They have each done considerable research into wind turbine distress before arriving at their conclusions.

But I digress.

Vestas, the manufacturer of the V90, is a Danish company. They come across as nice wholesome Danish people. You know the type, good bacon, nice yellow Gouda, and a fine line in fashionable clogs.

They are certainly not festering two headed monsters fresh from the Gates of Hades.

Unfortunately though, some of their customers probably are. Even if they appear to lack the two heads.

But, lets get back to the V90.

Being Danish, Vestas is thorough.

Vestas is concerned for the safety of the operators of their huge industrial machines. To be fair they are also concerned for the well being of nearby children (I kid you not).

Take this quote from one of their handbooks for the Vestas V90 ( Full copy available here )

So,in summary Vestas say that the operators of these turbines should stay 400m away from them, unless absolutely necessary. They say that children should be kept well away from them (I surmise they mean considerably more than 400 meters)

So someone please tell me why in Dorset we are potentially going to allow four of these monsters to be erected 275 meters from a scout camp and 800 meters from a residential home for people with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and, as I understand it 350 meters from the homes of local residents.

I suppose as part of the local Dorset friendliness, the scouts and locals within the 400 meter exclusion zone, will be able to wave to the technicians as they leg it up the road after doing whatever they have to do first thing in the morning. Then from their place of safety the technicians can benignly look down on the peasants as they play in the danger zone.

Seriously, if Vestas reckon the technical staff should stay at least 400 meters away from these things, how the hell can Purbeck council, or the Operator say that it is "safe" for local residents to actually live in a area closer than this?

All answers please, to Billothewisp, Dorset.  On a £50 note marked ROC subsidy.

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... way, way, way back in Wales history the natives got uppity about toll roads, it was called "The Rebecca Riots", direct action ...