Wind turbines and the kidney Seller

I was just listening to Radio 4 "Thought For The Day". On it the narrator described how, in China a young man sold one of his kidneys so he could buy an iPad.

The commentator described what an bizarrely unequal transaction it was. He described what pitiful return the kidney seller got for compromising his body and his health.

It occurred to me that this really is not that far from what is going on with the wind turbine gold rush. The way we are mortgaging our children's future,
scarring our landscapes and ruining the lives of those who are forced to live near these things. All for a pitiful return.

No doubt the Kidney buyer, some immoral medic who despoils the name of medicine, makes huge sums of money.
No doubt he or she is as sharp suited and corporate as our own wind turbine developers

Wind turbines are ludicrously ineffective, costly and ugly. They produce ridiculously small amounts of energy which may or may not arrive
at any time day or night (when it is unwanted). The return to the community for the damage done is inevitably pitiful.

The only thing in their favour is that they are highly fashionable.

Pity the stupidity of the Chinese kidney seller.

Then pity the stupidity of the blinkered people who avidly promote wind turbines.
They avoid the truth about wind turbines simply so they can have heir ugly expensive fashion statements polluting our country-side.

At least the Chinese kidney seller only compromised his own life.

Unfortunately wind farm supporters can compromise the lives of many others.

Usually to a greater extent than their own lives are affected.

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