The Cucumbers are Innocent OK?

Germany: Strain O105 E-Coli.

25 dead. Approaching 3000 infected. 800 very seriously ill.

Billothewisp admits he got it wrong. The Spanish Organic cucumbers were not to blame. They were infected with the wrong strain of E-Coli. That is of course assuming that there is a right strain of E-Coli in the first place.

But whatever.

It would appear that the cow shit sprayed onto these wronged veggies held the wrong version of the E-Coli infection. Basically the E-Coli outbreak has, as yet, not been pinned down.

But we do know where it is. We also know what it has done so far.

So, is this a not a major disaster? Should we indulge in a little hysteria? Maybe spread some fear and panic?

So here goes. Panic And Fear Mode ON:

Already 25 are dead with 800 whose lives are seriously compromised.

Even with the 3000 lesser infections: How many of these in future years will develop cancer or other fatal illnesses?

How many more infections will there be?

How many will die now?

But more importantly, how many will die later?

How many are so mildly infected that they do not even know thay have been infected?

We know millions of will die in future years from cancer and other illnesses. Can anyone say with certainty that these deaths were not triggered by a mild unreported dose of E-Coli?

How many more will die because they stopped eating healthy vegetables and then develop cancer (in later years) from the junk food they subsequently indulged in?

In fact, should we not evacuate the German state of Saxony-Anhalt until the emergency is over?

Perhaps we need to draw a 20Km exclusion zone around the centre of the outbreak.

We could forcibly re-locate the people into shelters and school halls until the emergency is over.

Perhaps we should spend billions "decontaminating" Saxony-Anhalt, so even the smallest possibility that any form E-Coli benign or otherwise, is eradicated.

You know, Just in case.

After all, if it is good enough for Fukishima, where no one died and barely anyone was "infected", surely we need to adopt similar draconian tactics to stop this E-Coli outbreak in Germany.

If you live in Saxony-Anhalt then maybe you should be afraid. Very afraid.

Panic And Fear Mode OFF:

So. Are you panicked? On the verge of Hysteria? Did that hit the mis-information spot for you?

Besides the body count (Saxony-Anhalt: 25 Fukishima: 0)  the main difference between The Saxony-Anhalt Disaster and the Fukishima Disaster is the tsunami of self serving hysteria from the press that surrounded Fukishima.

While there is obviously a great deal of concern over the E-Coli outbreak, the press, so far, have avoided the incoherent feeding frenzy of fear that accompanied the difficulties in Fukishima.

In years to come, the "Fukishima Disaster" that killed no-one, and injured maybe 20 workers will still be held up as a item of fear and dread.

While a preventable toxin, produced in bovine effluent that killed dozens and crippled hundreds, leaving many in need of a transplant, will be quietly forgotten.

Nobody will remember the Saxony-Anhalt Disaster. Except maybe those left bereaved or on dialysis.

Worse still, you can guarantee that sometime, somewhere in the world the Saxony-Anhalt Disaster will be repeated again, and again, and again.

But (sensibly) we won't stop eating vegetables.

p.s. I just read on Google News that it may have been the Cucumbers all along. See News Report Here

Dare I say: Cucumbers  are obviously intrinsically unsafe. Maybe they should be be banned?

You know it makes (non)sense


Anonymous said...

replace cucumber with wind turbine and you would yet another wholly mis-informed and ridiculous blog, ready-to-go.

What I find really disgusting are your flippent references to Fukishima where some scientists are now saying up to a million people face death from cancer. (ref. article in The Independent 'Why the Fukushima disaster is worse than Chernobyl')

BilloTheWisp said...

Dear Anonymous
A reply is in the making. But not tonight it is too late.

BilloTheWisp said...

Dear Anonymous,

So a million face death from Fukishima. Lets just look at this a little shall we?

As nuclear accidents go, Fukishima is, to be fair, up there with the big 3 - Winscale 1957, Three Mile Island (1979) and Chernobyl (1986)

Lets start with Winscale 1957. An accident caused by a build up of weapons grade plutonium which caused a fire in a graphite moderator. If I remember correctly the fire burned for three days before being put out. Radiation spewed out of the ventilation chimney over the nearby town.

Absolute total cock up. No doubt about that.

Arguably the worst nuclear disaster behind Cherobyl.

Now if a million are going to die from Fukishima then I imagine that since 1957 about that number should have died from the Winscale fire.

So where are the bodies?

One million is a big number. It is about 50 years since the Winscale fire so we should on average be having 20,000 deaths from radiation induced desease every year.

Probably the deaths would have peaked at about 100,000 in the worst year.

So where are they? When did this peak occur? Why has Cumbria not been subject to an annual calamity?

Medical science should be able to detect an annual death toll that amounts to a national catastophe.

We know 6000 people die every year due to asbestos poisoning.

We can deliniate down to pathogens causing (like the e-coli outbreak) 50 -100 deaths.

So where are the bodies? Where are the 20,000/yr death certificates saying "radiation induced cancer" (or whatever).

You are suggesting that a death toll equal to the total UK casualties from the 1st and 2nd World Wars (combined) have somehow got lost?

Are you suggesting that every anti-nuclear body and his aunt has missed an annual death toll equivalent to that sustained in a medium to large scale war for every year since 1957?

In fact since 1957 the average life expectancy in the UK has increased. (No I don't think that is due to radiation either)

Look at Three Mile Island. Partial meltdown. Again total cock up.

A million dead?

Maybe a few hundred thousand at least?

But where are the bodies? Where are the death certificates? There aren't any.

Chernobyl - grand scale cock up. Criminal negligence on an epic scale.

How many die?

Now here of course you will have the nuclear equivalent of climate change deniers saying the death toll was millions when in fact it was 43.

Find that hard to believe?

Look at it another way. The radiation plume from Cherobyl spilled over Sweden. It was intense enough to set off radiation emergency warnings in every Swedish Nuclear power station.

So how many Swedes have died from radiation induced deseases?

Don't you think the Swedes would have noticed if their nationals started keeling over due to Chernobyl induced illnesses?

Nobody has died at Fukishima. Nobody died at Three Mile Island. As I remember, 20-100 people "statistically" died at Winscale (although that is purely a statistical guesstimate nobody knows who they were or if anyone really did die for that matter) 43 died at Chernobyl.

My guess is that no-one will die from radiation from Fukishima. Saying one million will die is just an ugly and ludicrous fantasy.

Meanwhile 25000 died from the tsunami, and about 80 died in Germany from eating "healthy" food in two weeks.

So, you have to ask, who has the hidden agenda? Who is out to scare people silly? And why?