Wind Turbines in a Pit

Now, where would you build a wind turbine?
If you were a corporate utility company slavering over the subsidies then I suppose the answer is:
Anywhere you can.
Take one proposed location in the middle of Purbeck. (Incidentally the clue is in the name.)
It is called (wait for it.....)
Masters Pit.
Actually  it is a quarry . In places it is up to 25 meters deep. 
Though Masters Pit is technically just outside the AONB (Area Of Natural Beauty), by a matter of a few hundred yards, these monstrosities will blight the landscape for miles.
The fact that the pit ( sorry ..quarry) is up to 25 meters (75 feet) deep has not phased Infinergy. They simply plan to chock up these four monstrosities on a mixture of old stone tailings and probably any other crap they can lay their hands on.
So really these monsters will not be a mere 125 meters to the top of the blade but actually anything up to 150m from existing ground level. (that is approximately 487 feet)
If it were not for the massive subsidies (almost £ for £ on the electricity production) then they would be totally unviable.
How long are we going to put up with greedy utility companies trampling over our precious countryside so they can stick their noses in the subsidy trough? 
Really, if these things could repay their damage with meaningful quantities of use-able electricity (say a meagre 100MW) then maybe they would be worth a closer look. But with a derisory average (and intermittent) output of 0.575 MW per turbine they simply squander valuable financial resources that could be used to fund electricity generation that really works. 
Or even, dare I say it, the subsidy could fund effective programs to reduce energy demand.
But of course, that is the LAST thing any utility company wants to encourage! 
The money being squandered on these hopelessly ineffective monstrosities could be used so much more effectively. Once this money has been spent  it will be gone. With little (except a fat dividend) to show for it.
Tomorrow there is going to be a public meeting followed by a council vote on this planning application. The meeting is in Wareham (at Purbeck School 7.00pm). 
The council planning department have quite rightly recommended rejection.  If you are reading this in Purbeck, try and come along and help fight this obscenity. 

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