British Gas - Won't Get Fooled Again

So, my grubby little English mates. Some of you have just got shafted by our friends (of whom we have none) in British Gas.

A 7% rise non the less.

I heard their spokesman whinge on about wholesale gas prices going up. He did not mention the year on year BG profit rise of 98% (yes nearly doubling year on year - see here

Neither did he mention that in the last couple of years, wholesale gas prices have fallen massively from their peak in 2008 (see here)

Needless to say, I expect the other festering corporate monsters that inhabit the Gas and Electricity sector are greedily eyeing your pay-packet as you read this.

What we need here my grotty, snotty fellow little Englanders is either a little less of the bloated monopolistic suppliers running their cosy cartel or more regulation. More regulation, as you probably know is something I would wish to avoid.

Personally I'd go for encouraging another twenty or so companies into the energy market, give them some tax breaks to get them going.

Make the bastards actually compete with each other . Oh how that would hurt!

Get some real competition into a market that currently has all the hall-marks of an ugly and malign Cartel

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