Cameron warns of financial calamity

Although Billothewisp predicted the current dire financial straights the country finds itself in, he hates to to say "In told you so". Especially over such a financial calamity. (See Billothewisp's Crystal Ball July)

But it looks like we really are in the doo-dah up to our necks thanks to Gordon "The Abyss" Brown and his cohort Darling buds of May. But even now Darling makes fatuous statements about how everything was just wine and roses. See Times Here (see Times here)

In truth, Billowthewisp would have gladly, gleefully, gratefully got this wrong as he did with many other of his predictions.

But he didn't.

Our sad ruined little England may well recover.

But, this is going to be a painful 5 years. Maybe more.

It is up to our new "Dear Leader" David Cameron and collegues to pick up the pieces.

At least in Gordon Brown he has a good example:

On NOT how to run the economy.

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