Vote, Drink and Moan

My dear fellow ugly, tainted, sour, little Englanders. As you know Billowthewisp likes a good moan. In fact Billothwisp hold a diploma in moaning awarded by his local pub. It would have been a doctorate in moaning but the landlord was biased against me. (bastard) You cannot rely on anyone these days. But there I go again.


It has been pointed out to me that moaning and not voting are mutually exclusive (e.g vote and moan or don't vote and shut-up). This blogger makes the point Here.

As I have no intention of shutting up I had better toddle off to the voting booth. Luckily the pub will be on the route home. Then that biased unfair landlord will get the full force of my Ire.

I suggest you do the same. Vote for the bloke/sheila who you think is the best candidate. If you think they are all a load of crap spoil your ballot paper. But always cast your vote. As for tactical voting, A vote form a crap candidate is a crap vote. Vote for who you believe in.

Then go down the pub and get rightously hammered.

This is why Billothewisp recommends evening voting, when the pub is open.

You know it makes sense.
Love & Kisses


Boganboy said...

If you can't think of anyone worth your vote (this isn't hard) Bob Heinlein suggested voting against someone. As an Australian, with preferential voting, this works for me.

In my home state of Queensland, we used to have optional preferential voting for state elections, until the advanced social-reforming Labor party that's a friend of the little man decided that it didn't help them get into power and abolished it. Fortunately we still have it for city council elections, so I just voted 1 for the LNP. I have the best of reasons for always voting for the LNP; my parents did. I'd call myself a traditionalist if I didn't think traditions were too modern and up-to-date.

With the state election we had compulsory preferential voting. (If you don't fill in all preferences, your vote's invalid.) There were three candidates in my electorate, LNP, Labor and the Greens. Naturally the Greens went last. This meant that Labor was second last, which they certainly deserved since they want 50% renewables. (I'd love to put them last, but the Greens are worse.) And of course the good old LNP got my first preference.

I understand you UKlanders do it differently.

BilloTheWisp said...

Hey BoganBoy. Its great to see some folk still read this old blog. Thanks for your comment.

Generally - I completely agree with you. Always (if you can) vote for positives but failing that vote against the worst of the bunch.

Having said that we do potentially have an exception here in the UK.

There is currently a concerted attempt by EU hardliners to overturn the "once in a generation" vote to leave the EU. (the result of which they didn't like).

Having failed in trying to overturn the result in the courts, they are (by a mix of MSM and continual down-talking of the UK position) trying to harass the UK electorate into another referendum.

There are two precedents for EU referenda. Both were in a party manifesto prior to that party being elected to government. The elected government was then obliged by popular mandate to hold the referenda.

The EU's "Project Fear" (as it is popularly called by all sides) referendum campaign failed and we voted out. But the EU's place men and sycophants now want a re-run, and for no good reason other than the fact they lost.

Many (including me) would regard another referendum held on a whim of the establishment as illegal.

If this gets the go-ahead it may be the best way forward against (what many would regard as) an illegal referendum would be a boycott.

OK they'll win but on such a derisory level of vote they would not dare to over-turn the original legal referendum.

WE live in interesting times.

I never thought I would be recommending boycotting any referendum/election but here it is!