MI5 On Trial?

There is a great desire to see justice for the victims of the 7/7 brutality. But I worry that the Great and Good within our judiciary are simply going to use the 7/7 inquest to grandstand their opinions and showcase their “liberal” credentials. No doubt they hope to con us all into thinking they actually care about our society.

Yet only last week we saw a case where two known enemies of the state were unbelievably let loose rather than be deported to their native country. (See Telegraph Here)

Thank the judiciary for that one.

Think back a little further. Remember those “Hate Preachers?” They couldn't be evicted either.

Guess who ensured they stayed put.

Now it appears that the 7/7 coroner (Lady Justice Hallet) is going to perform a hostile interrogation on MI5 in open court and potentially risk aspects of our national security. (see Guardian here)

Inevitably, it appears that if there is some good publicity in it for the lawyers, (and a little bit more power and influence maybe) the happier they will be.

Meanwhile people who actually defend the average guy on the street will be pilloried and put at risk.

Perhaps she should remember who the real criminals were before bouncing off on a sanctimonious ego trip.

Don't forget, it was only a short while ago that these self serving insensitive buffoons we call “the law” had intended (in their oh so Politically Correct way) of have a single inquest for both the murderers and their victims of 7/7.

Swallowing that decision and being forced to have separate inquests must have come hard to our well feathered legal friends. But even they know their limits in the face of public outrage.

Maybe we do need to learn lessons from the 7/7 atrocity but we really do not need witch hunts or inquisitions.

We especially do not need the ruling elite slavering over the prospect of humiliating and vilifying some of our finest.

Luckily there are people out there defending us from the likes of the 7/7 murderers.

It is a pity that a significant part of the legal establishment appear to be on the other side.

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