Once upon a Wikio

Several years ago when I set this up this blog, I signed up for a blog amalgamation service. The service known as Wikio also provided popularity positioning data displayed on a nice little click through button which you could place on your blog.

This link took you to their site. The site had a range of similar and divergent blog posts from around the world.

Not only that, it gave your blog a popularity rating defined by how many readers you got on Wikio. This was shown on the button. Nice feature eh?

Back then it was really was worthwhile. I added it to this blog expecting it to be useful to
anyone reading this who wanted to read similar or opposing views. I used it myself for quite some time.

Then for me, (as you do), it fell into disuse

I personally had not clicked on the button for some time - until tonight.

Now this button takes you through to a "shopping site". Not good.

What a con and what a shame.

Don't bother looking for the button now. I've removed it.

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