Arrogance Ignorance and Greenpeace

H/T to unknown Peruvian on twitter - I lost their handle

Have you heard about the damage done to the ancient Nazca line monuments in Peru? I did find one article in the Times (on page 17) and the Guardian reported the half hearted Greenpeace apology (Here) but it appears that the BBC have suppressed the story.

Just in case you have not heard the story – here is a brief summary.

In Peru at night a group of Greenpeace activists drove a jeep up to one of the ancient Nasca outlines then trampled over the area laying out a piece of Greenpeace propaganda. 

According to the outraged Peruvian government ( as well as assorted other experts) the group did irreparable damage to the area. As the sun rose on their propaganda outrage it was photographed from an aircraft. (you can see them proudly standing in the middle of their “art” if you look closely below.) 

This clearly this was not just a group of disparate uncoordinated nutters. It was an organised coordinated assault on one of the ancient wonders of the world. 

The Greenpeace vandals were I suspect ignorant of the damage that would be caused to the ancient monument area by their actions. They were also too stupid and soaked in their own arrogance to actually check the potential for catastrophe before they set out.

The damage done

Due to the nature of the site this is damage that will never heal. It is arguably worse than spraying graffitti on StoneHenge. At least that could possibly be removed - this damage will never change.

Greenpeace have issued an apology (of sorts) It sounds more like a pompous self justification than anything else. Lucky for them, their friends in the MSM (especially the BBC) have shut the story down in the UK. Meanwhile outrage world-wide continues (try twitter hashtag #NascaLines)

Can you imagine the media coverage if this outrage had been perpetrated by anyone else?

Today the fanaticism and doctrinaire obedience of Greenpeace activists to their narrow bigotry knows no bounds. They proudly desecrate ancient and irreplaceable monuments like the Nasca lines. Then toss a few weasel words out to placate the morally offended. All this to promote abysmally ineffective energy production. It becomes clear that to them any means justifies their ill thought out and pseudo-scientific end. Meanwhile they have the MSM in their pocket - or have them too intimidated to take a stand.

Greenpeace gets more like the fledgling Nazi party every day.


Flaxen Saxon said...

Indeed. For an organisation who thinks it inhabits the moral high ground this hateful act of vandalism tells otherwise. I sincerely hope that the miscreants are caught and tossed into a South American gaol where they can ponder on the 'green agenda' anew. I am told that the penal system in Peru is highly conducive to quiet contemplation and buggery.

Anonymous said...

as if you gave a crap about any ancient monument before it became politically expedient to do so.

Unknown said...

Se as mudanças climáticas realmente acontecerem não vai sobrar nem as Linhas de Nazca. Ignorância é o que estamos fazendo com nosso planeta.

BilloTheWisp said...

[ translation of the above comment ]
If climate change really happen will not even left over the Nazca Lines. Ignorance is what we are doing to our planet.
[ end translation]

If climate change really happens it will in part, if not in whole, due to fanatical blinkered and ignorant adherence to failed dogma so eloquently expressed by the Greenpeace trashing of the Nazca lines.

Renewable energy is a failure. It fails to significantly reduce CO2 (if at all) and fails to provide significant amounts of energy in return for the billions wasted upon it. There are other far better solutions.

Even so, even if it were a solution (which it is not), the promotion of renewables should never be so blinkered as to allow the desecration of a world heritage site.

The end NEVER justifies the means. If the end is ever allowed to justify the means (as it was in 1936-1945, or Cambodia 1970's ) then we really are in trouble.

Bird of Paradise said...

Hey Greenjerks whats the big idea of messing up the nazca plain with your stupid message while yammering about oppposing drilling in the arctic GREENPEACE GO AWAY