So Who Supports Nuclear Now?

It is interesting to see exactly who has has changed their opinion on nuclear power.
(h/t to bravenewclimate HERE )

Here a subset from the Brave New Climate post. The BNC post is much more extensive than this but it includes many prominent people who are not seen as particularly "environmental".

I thought it might be interesting to dig the environmentalists and respected scientists out of the noise. (tell me if I missed anyone from the BNC post)

Why this subset? Simply because today many who see themselves as "environmentalists" are by default, anti-nuclear. They close their minds and blankly refuse to acknowledge the possibility that nuclear energy can ever be anything other than the demon of their nightmares.

They don't ever bother with looking at data. Their minds are closed.

Maybe the names below may trigger one or two of them to re-examine their position. After all, the luminaries below changed their position based on the evidence. Maybe their example may get others to examine their position and base their position on scientific fact rather than narrow minded hysteria or what they have been told to think.

Some of these folk are well known, other less so. All are influential and independently minded.

George Monbiot - World renowned environmental Journalist used to be rabidly anti nuclear. Started to see things differently in 2009 then became publicly (and vocally) supportative of nuclear in 2011.

Patrick Moore  Co-Founder of Greenpeace. (not the fat guy who studies the moon) I gather he is generally regarded as persona non grata by our green zealot friends now. Pro nuclear 2003.

Stephen Tindale Former Director of Greenpeace. About as popular with Greenpeace today
as Patrick Moore is. Pro nuclear 2009

Hugh Montifiore one of the founders of Friends of the Earth, FOE evidently regard him with
distinct unfriendliness today ( pro nuclear 2004)

Chris Goodall Green party activist, parliamentary candidate and author. Probably a ex-Green party activist by now.

Stewart Brand  Author of "Whole earth Catalog"

Mark Lynas author "Six degrees"

Chris Smith former Labour party chairman of the Environment Agency.

Prof James Lovelock FRS. Renowned environmentalist. Author giaia hypothesis

Prof David McKay FRS  renowned Physicist and author Sustainable Energy Without The Hot Air.

Dr James Hansen world famous climatologist

Prof Barry Brook renowned environmental scientist.

Jared Diamond scientist and author

So how many have gone the other way? i.e. pro/neutral to anti?

According to the BNC there appears to be only one ...

Prof Ian Lowe President of the Australian Conservation Foundation, although he reckons he changed his opinion back in the 1970's so personally I don't think that counts.

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