Heres an opportunity to become an executive producer of a documentary (on a budget). Not only that it gives you the chance to bust a few myths about shale gas.

This proposed documentary on the realities of shale gas will not stop the misinformation and outright lies being propagated by its opponents.

But hey, it's a bloody good start. You can join the conspiracy HERE. (I'm in for $10.00)

Watch the trailer below (h/t to the The Filthy Engineer )


Anonymous said...

Clearly you're working for the industry.

You diss wind, you love nuclear, even denying the human suffering of Fukishima and now even fracking is welcomed on this website.
These are characteristics I've seen before in people taking the dirty dollars of whoever pays the highest.

Come on Billo, what's your price? How much do you get to write this propaganda?

BilloTheWisp said...

Anonymous - you made my day.

Actually when I cross posted this from another blog the target had already been met and even exceeded by $18000.

But I thought I'd post it anyway, mainly (I am ashamed to say) simply to wind you up.

Hey Jackpot!

Again we see how you blindly follow your dogma. Have you ever seen a description of fracking other than that done by its opponents?

That is all this documentary is going to be about. Simply laying out the arguments so people can evaluate them.

It seems you blindly accept everything you hear from those you idolise while seeking to suppress any contrary opinion.

If you were Catholic and this were the 16th century then you could have become a very successful Jesuit priest.

Actually just to give you my opinion: I think fracking looks very promising. More posts soon.

To Your points:

So I am clearly working for "the industry"? Which industry is that? Or is it some gorgeous global conspiracy instead?

I diss wind - absolutely! Because it is farcically dismally hopelessly ineffective while simultaneously being disgustingly expensive.

I love nuclear: Actually I love my kids. I support nuclear (non exclusively) because it is clearly an excellent method of generating plentiful energy and securing their future.

I deny the suffering of Fukishima: It appears the 20,000 dead from the Tsunami has been forgotten
(or was the Tsunami just another myth to hide Fukishima?).

Actually I am appalled at the suffering of the people of Fukishima. But that is because they have been falsly imprisoned in a bureacratic nightmare. Please remember no one died because of Fukishima.

What is my price? It certainly would not be 30 pieces of silver. After all I am not the one betraying my neighbours at Silton or East Stoke.

Finally, I have to say, with regret that no one pays me.

If you know the address of the "Grand Conspiracy" please tell me then maybe I could encourage them to cough up a few quid.

Anonymous said...

Not that I've got anything against fracking or nuclear, for that matter(apart from, with the latter, a perfectly justifiable, natural aversion to those Frenchies coming over here with their nice food and stylish clothes looking down on us decent English folks).

However I think you might like to consider a criminally overlooked method of cutting CO2 emissions.
(possibly as a result of a conspiracy by the Catholic church, the Illuminati or even those giant lizards I once saw on the telly).
What is this great and wondrous tech? I hear you all cry. Well, it's not actually technology as such, even though it is absolutely measurable and has been measured and quantified by a Government agency (DECC no less).

Check out ACE, the Association For the Conservation of Energy, Apparently they have lots of lovely numbers to crunch and they are not happy bunnies. No they are not.

The Indigent One

BilloTheWisp said...

Dear Indiginent One,

Thanks for the tip off. Yes - the ACE site is very interesting. I am a great fan of energy onservation. Insulation is actually amazingly effective and increadibly cheap.

I will use some stuff from their site in the near future as they do provide some really significant and interesting information.

The only think I would point out is that ACE is actually a trade association. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with that it does mean that ACE is not an independent body. Even so, clearly NOT using energy rather than offsetting it onto a different production mechanism is obviously sensible.

It is a pity that the Great and the Good don't realise that.

BilloTheWisp said...

Perhaps I should explain my reference in the reply to anonymous(1) regarding 16th century Jesuit priests.

Back then the Jesuits were the driving force behind terrible events like the Spanish Inquisition and the burning virtually all of the written history of the Maya in central America.

They were responsible for too many crimes to mention here.

The Jesuits blindly enforced their orthodoxy on anyone who questioned their doctrinaire and dogmatic interpretation of christianity.

Notoriously they regularly burned books (and people) anything in fact that threatened their narrow world view. They were the ultimate denialists.

So there you go. I am not actually having a poke at the modern Catholic church or any religion for that matter.

Just people who blindly stick to their belief structure and try and deny others the right to view both sides of an argument.

Anonymous said...


if you're not being paid by the polluting industries for the propaganda you push on this site then you're doing it for free and that would make you a

all your sanctimonious lectures on what science is or is not, and how to think rationally, mean nothing when you demonstrate that you are lead around by the nose by the polluting industries. you're simply not as clever as you think you are...........

BilloTheWisp said...

Dear Anonymous,

I take it you are not a fan then.

It will be interesting to see the video when it comes out. You never know, it may be utter tosh (like Gasland).

Then again it might challenge the whole of your dogma. The proof will be in the viewing. I'll post a link to it on the blog when I can.

I darkly suspect though, that you don't like challenges to your narrow belief set and this video (tosh or not) may be simply too much for you.

But if your quasi-religious ideology will allow you to view it, do so.

Don't worry.

I won't tell your friends.