Yvette Cooper, Immigration and Honesty

I suppose I should have some sympathy for someone married to Ed Balls.

But after what I heard from Yvette Cooper this morning on Radio 4 I don't know which of the two I regard as the more dishonest or duplicitous.

Perhaps I should reserve my sympathy for Ed Milliband. After all, he only knifed his brother in the back. He didn't sell the whole country down the river like these other two.

There are some suppressed reports on immigration which are about to hit the fan. They concern the uncontrolled immigration policy that was quietly engineered by the Labour party during the last decade.

The findings in these reports are damning. see Here and Here.

If you think this was down simply to Labours incompetence rather than a deliberate half-cocked policy then perhaps you should read these too  Here and Here

So what did Yvette have to say about these reports this morning on radio 4?

Well, after many weasel words about the enormous immigration she and her colleagues presided over, she did actually mumble the word "sorry". Although rather disgustingly she first tried to blame it all on the Poles.

Maybe too many Poles did come here all at once. But at least they usually work also generally try and fit in.

Unlike some of the others, copiously reported on in these suppressed government reports and who Yvette Cooper so scrupulously avoided mentioning.

I suppose a mumbled "sorry" is at least a start. Coupled with her better (or worse?) half and his half baked apology for ruining the economy then I suppose the Labour party can congratulate themselves on glossing over two areas of their arrogance and incompetence.

Lets see....that only leaves

Lack of helicopters for Afghanistan
Housing policy
Attempted regional dismemberment of England
Cosying up to the Banks
Destroying UK industry
Reducing state education to a constantly changing shambles
Imposing bogus and ridiculous targets on the NHS
A half baked and very dangerous energy policy
Supporting a vast range of gangsters and dictators world-wide (including Gaddaffi)
More wars than any previous government since WWII
The Barnett Formula
Being George Bush's lapdog
Political Correctness

Oh I'm bored now. Make your own bloody list. There is just too much to choose from.

As for Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls, they obviously deserve each other.


Durotrigan said...

Yes, I've noted their tendency to bash the Poles. It's certainly the default position for the BBC and is an absolute disgrace. I want to hear them bashing those who constitute the real immigration problem: Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalis and Nigerians etc. Quite why the BBC thinks that Poles, other Slavs and neighbouring Balts should be singled out for opprobrium, whilst sucking up to the innately hostile pigmented Islamic hordes, I do not confess to understand.

BilloTheWisp said...

The phase was "rubbing their noses in multiculturalism" Nowadays the likes of Yvette Cooper cannot bring themselves to mention that the doctrinaire labour policy was the real causation of this problem we have today.

Instead they try and palm it off on another group of immigrants who do not fit in to the Labour party's master plan.

I don't care what colour or creed someone has. But reality dictates that you cannot perpetually have isolated and isolationist communities within the country without friction, this though is the legacy of doctrinaire multiculturism today.

There are plenty of young Brits who are from ethnically diverse backgrounds, but they made (or their parents made) the effort to fit in and rub along with the majority.

They should be applauded and celebrated.

Maybe we should ask Yvette Cooper how we should go about integrating the others. I'm sure she has all the answers - just like her husband on the economy.