Hacked off

You may not be aware of the Billothewisp's opinion of the Great, Good and Extremely Well Fed.

Sadly this opinion is very low. Some would say subterranean.

But happily this cave dwelling troll of an opinion has a friend and partner.

Equally ugly and stinky,  Billothewisp's opinion of the Murdoch Empire is as rotten and putrid an the Murdoch Empire itself.

But this stinking pair of opinions often cancel each other out.

As a result, Billothewisp cares nothing for the phone hacking of John Prescott (why did they bother?) or any of the other wannabee celebrities on their pleasure excursion to fame and riches. All I can say to them is: If you don't like the heat, stop pigging out in the kitchen.

But when it come to the disgusting infringement of the rights private ordinary people, most of whom had only been thrust into the spotlight by horror or tragedy, then that is a a step too far.

In fact more like a whole staircase too far.

These arseholes at News International should be severely punished for crimes they have committed. Especially for the suffering they have inflicted on those who already have more than enough grief and suffering to contend with.

Examples need to be made.

Just for starters, may I suggest that Murdochs takeover of BSkyB is vetoed?

That actually is a good idea anyway. So maybe we need to think up something else to punish the arseholes with as well.

This bunch of bastards need to be brought to heel.


Unknown said...

He saw sense and pulled ... good riddance.

I believe that ownership of the media should restricted to UK based business, much like the USA.

BilloTheWisp said...

Generally I like Australians.
But I'll make an exception for the Murdochs.