Huhne and Humble Pie

I could crow about Chris Huhne's U turn on nuclear power but I won't. He has after-all, done the decent thing. He has at last abandoned the ridiculous dream world of relying on wind and tidal power and has now ordered 8 new nuclear power stations. See Here

Evidently the fairy-land lunatics in the Liberal party are outraged. Of course they would much rather maintain their bizarre Luddite-ism, even if it means the old and frail dying in the dark and cold.

The only problem is though is that there is still going to be a shortfall. Huhne needs to gather his courage and order at least four more.

Through gross incompetence and hysterical propaganda our own nuclear industry has been allowed to wither on the vine. Once our nuclear industry led the world but now these new power stations are going to rely on French or American expertise.

What a shame.

But at least, we can hope pensioners will not be confronted with power cuts and non working central heating boilers in ten years time.

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