England Erased

Good evening my fine fettled fellow little Englanders.

Billothewisp has a request.

I would like to try and compile some documentation on the airbrushing out of the English identity and the villification of Englishness.

My first port of call was going to be the notorious letter that hailed from the offices of John (pass the pies) Prescott in 2002.

You may remember it. If you don't, make sure you are sat down or at least stood well clear of breakable objects before reading the following snippet (all I can currently find....)


…there is no such nationality as English as laid down by various acts of Parliament and accession. Persons born in the United Kingdom are citizens of the United Kingdom and are therefore British/English.

Now, I really need the full text of this letter, vile and poisonous though it is. If you have a copy could you attach a link to it as a comment to this post?



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