A Fitting Place for a Wind Turbine

That is (of course) - In the ditch

(full story here: In The Journal )

To be fair, the thing is just as useless in the ditch as it would be if erected, but at least in the ditch it has a lower profile.

Sadly, this is not going to stop the desecration of Northumberland with these huge ugly, ineffective and eye wateringly subsidised fashion statements.

It should though, be quite entertaining to see how they get it out of the ditch.

Either way, it is going to be expensive. I expect the crane hire boys are already booking their Caribbean holidays on the fees they will get.

One thing the average carpet bagger must appreciate is that Northumberlanders really like to ensure people know how they feel. Espcially after they see their democratic decisions steamrollered by organisations that can (and do) buy their way through the law.

So some naughty Northumberland wag decided they would make things a little clearer to the parasites.

Graffitti is a criminal offence. While it seems that desecrating Northumberland and ripping off the whole country is perfectly acceptable.

Funny that isn't it?

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