Quango'd at the TSA

OK you grubby semi-literate little Englander chums. Billothewisp is going to tell you how the Great, Good and Extremely Well Fed at the TSA are going that last mile – just for you.

What is the TSA? Funny you should say that. That was my first thought when I came across it.

Well, you fellow stupid little Englanders, its the Tenants Service Authority.

What do they do? Uh, well. I'm still working on that one. have a look at them Here

But believe me it involves eating a great deal of lunch.

It must be truly hell but, just to make sure they can cope with all this forced eating they are given some small tokens in the way of bonuses as well.

Further more, they have obviously also been charged with distributing a great deal of of the quantative easing money to the poor and needy.

And what a better way than packing it into their pay packets?

Neither are they secretive about their pay/bonuses or expenses. They actually appear to think they are above reproach! see it all Here

So you grubby little Englanders, are you wondering if the job will last out to the end of the week? Maybe you are thinking about economising on the £2.50 bacon butty you have for lunch. Well, here is what these Great, Good and Extremely Well Fed folk at the TSA have to put up with.

Are you sitting comfortably? (or at least stood well clear of breakable objects?)

Here are a few of the snippets from their pay and expenses.

Chief Executive: 2010 pay £165,000.

But to be fair that is only a miserly rise of £8162 on the previous year – that is a derisory 5% (how much did you get?)

This noble individual was only awarded a further £11,000 in bonuses a massive drop from the previous years £17531.

As you may remember the Great, Good and Extremely Well Fed in our Mother of Parliaments were recently involved in a little tryst over expenses.

But the Chief Executive has no worries because, just by chance, he has decided to waive his bonus this year. Of course, there is absolutely no relation between the two, or the pay rise.

Really. You have to ask.

How does he cope?

Even worse off are the four executive directors three of them only get £125,000 and one poor soul only gets £100,000. Their bonuses range from £5000 for the £100K wage victim, through to £9479 for the less financially challenged directors.

The chief executive does though have a personal lacky assistant because he has so, so, so much to do.
She earns a more modest £29000 up by a mere 30% on the previous year. Although to be fair this is around the plebian pay level of mere minions like you and me.

Then of course, there are the pension benefits......(have a look). Even the Great Good and Extremely Well Fed grow old and of course, they have got used to an extravagant lifestyle. It would be cruel to require a little modesty in their retirement.

The TSA is less straight forward about their “other ranks” pay. So it is a good job that lunch appears to come free.

Take the published expenses for “lunch”. These people are at least consistent with £70.00 per claim being the apparent average (hey! that one hell of a lot of bacon butties).

Then there are the grace and favour lunches where other Great and Good foot the bill. But really, honestly, somebody has to do it.

It is only like buying your mate a bacon butty because he has just lost his job. It is just 25 times more expensive. Thats all.

Needless to say the expenses per individual are hundreds and hundreds of pounds per month. But somebody has to do this job. Aren't you pleased that these fine follows have taken on the challenge?

After all, my plebian proletariate English mates, I don't expect you have to even bother with such claims!

Think of all the expense form filling, indigestion and extra arterial deposits.

Oh you lucky, lucky little English proles! You are so fortunate to be able to leave this sort of thing to your quango betters.

But what is this I hear? The TSA is being axed!
But, what it did was so important!
So vital!
So absolutely crucial to the well being of the nation! (whatever it was)

When this particular little TSA train finally hits the buffers, just be careful my English buddies.

Be careful that you don't get drowned in the spilt gravy.

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